Did you think your Creator simply said, "Let it all exist," and it came into being without a design? Oh no, God measured the oceans just like you would measure your living room for a sofa or a lot before building a house.

      Yet the scale is much larger.

      The Atlantic Ocean is the second-largest of the world's oceanic divisions; with a total area of 41.1 million square miles. It covers approximately one-fifth of the Earth's surface.

      We don't know how God measured the oceans to fit them into the land mass and it wouldn't make much difference if we did know it. He is God and we are human. We cannot do things on the same scale as He does them.

      We are small enough to stick our foot in the ocean but we cannot see to the other end of it nor has any human ever been known to swim across it.

      The greatest depth of the Atlantic Ocean is 28,232 ft which is nearly six miles deep in the Puerto Rico Trench.

      The width of the Atlantic varies from 1,770 miles between Brazil and Liberia to about 3,000 miles between America and North Africa.

      Mountain peaks beneath the Atlantic Ocean rise above the water to form islands and God has stocked it with sea life of every kind showing the greatness of His Infinite Wisdom in designing underwater creatures to live in an ecological system we will never fully understand.

      Yet fishermen go out into the ocean with vessels great and small to bring back food from the continuing harvest of the ocean we have not planted.

      Out of the ocean clouds form to carry rain to the continents and rivers carry the water back to the sea.

      The oceans offer air conditioning for a more pleasant life on the earth and waves for young people to surf.

      The oceans are also a highway for navigation by ships to carry goods and services.

      When you consider the awesomeness of God's creative power and genius, you should want to admire and worship him.