GOD IS ALL SEEING: (Psalm 33:13) (Job34:21) He sees all things at once moment by moment without fail. He never slumbers or sleeps. He is always focused totally on all he has created. God is perfect in the performance of his employment. A sparrow does not fall to the ground without him seeing it.

      God is Light. There is no darkness in him. What he sees infinitely, he understands infinitely.

      He sees the hearts of every man, woman and child alive on the planet earth.

      He sees through walls. (Psalm 139:15/16)

      Darkness is like the light to him. He sees in the blackness of a dark forest as easily as if the noon sun were blazing overheade. (Psalm 139:11)

      It is by his inward anointing of his Spirit we can come to see clearly. The highest state we can attain to.