The LORD has integrity of heart. (Psalm 78:72)

         King David prayed "LET INTEGRITY AND UPRIGHTNESS PRESERVE ME." Pslam 25:21

         God repented of making mankind but Moses spoke to the integrity of the Lord's heart advising him prayerfull that it was not to his honour to turn back from his people after having gone this far to rescue them from slavery in Egypt. Moses warned God how the Egyptians would mock him for destroying Israel after such a great deliverance when He should have left them in slavery rather than do them evil in such a way.

         So God held onto the integrity of his own heart to bear with Israel forty years in the desert until he accomplished his purpose in setting their generation apart unto him.

         In Job's severe affliction he said to his friends, "GOD FORBID I SHOULD JUSTIFY YOU: TILL I DIE I WILL NOT REMOVE MY INTEGRITY FROM ME." (Job 27:5)

         Job would not move from the integrity he possessed simply to obtain favor with three godly friends. He felt ganged up on by them, for pointing to the severity of his afflictions, and the losses of his family and fortune as proof he sinned. Job knew he was innocent.

         In the end God had Job pray for his three closest friends because they errored.

         God has integrity. He remains faithful to his Word. What he starts in the Spirit he finish because of his integrity. We should "TRUST THE LORD WITH ALL OUR HEART, AND LEAN NOT TO OUR OWN UNDERSTANDING."