God was not born. He has always been. He is as eternal as eternity itself. It is inconceivable eternity could exist without God. For God is eternal, and in his consciousness eternity alone is perceived. Otherwise, eternity would be a void. It would be of no use to call it eternity, for what is eternity unless it is perceived.

      God never changes nor is he ever tired. You can count on him to keep the universe running like clockwork while you are sleeping or awake, and if you should happen to be one of those rare individuals who attains to Sainthood; the glory of God you experience is not you but the Lord. God alone has immortality. (1 Timothy 6:13/16)

      His "YEARS HAVE NO END." (Psalm 102:24/27)

      We are created mortal and if we should be privaleged to taste of the eternal LORD to know he is good, we remain mortal.

      His only begotten Son was born of the virgin Mary so God could walk in the flesh of a man among his people. Inside Jesus was the eternal God (Romans 1:20) who said, "If you have seen me, you have seen the Father."

      The Romans crucified the flesh of Jesus to death, but the Spirit of God within lived on without hinderance; and since no man can kill God it was only a matter of time after the Lord's death on the cross, that he sat up in the tomb; and journeyed down into hell to preach to the prisoners there.

      The Spirit of God in Jesus has always been. The Spirit of our Lord and Saviour is eternal. The man child born of the virgin Mary was inhabited by the eternal Christ.