Gaming is an escape into an unreal reality:

       When the "Fallout" and "Total Annihilation" computer games came out, the lust to play them was almost pathological. Some gamers were in such a vise-like grip they would play 24-hour stretches without sleep or food while twisting themselves in knots to delay bathroom breaks.

       In PC parlors where gamers gather to play violent video games, real life cursing and boasting takes place in such abundance there is no doubt they take the games seriously. Frequent use of "I killed you" or "You killed me" can be heard in abundance. There must be a diabolical trap involved for sometime in their future. In real life war, once you are killed; you're dead.

       Is gaming really the environment for building the spiritual man Jesus Christ would like you to be?

       Sin is addictive and it comes in many disguises. In computer gaming it is dressed in the disguise of innocent fun.

       One gamer in South Korea died from heart failure after a fifty hour binge playing "World of Warcraft."

       "Manhunt 2" was deemed so evil a game it was banned for sale in Britain. It's classification of "Adults Only" dropped it from sale at Walmarts in the U.S.A. We're talking about addictions to evil gaming folks. There is nothing innocent about evil games when you consider what they are producing.

       Young people are dropping out of school because of gaming addictions. They lose their jobs. They miss meals. They lose sleep. They also jeopardize their relationships with family and friends.

       When they become full blown adults, the "I can kill you" spirit is ingrained in their consciousness rather than "I should overcome evil with good."

       One boy was so addicted to a multiplayer game called "EverQuest" he withdrew from friends and family. The psychiatrist treated him for depression and he killed himself. Part of the problem was one of co-players quit on him and he couldn't feed his gaming addiction with his favorite game anymore.

       Gaming addictions are not good. They represent entry into an unreal world, but they produce real world results in the gamers. The boy is gone but the game is still doing its dirty work. Who will be the next victim of gaming addictions?

       Every gaming addict is a victim in one way or another.


      Let's consider another game option that attracts addictions. It is called FANTASY SPORTS. It is promoted by glossy fantasy magazines. Its participants are able to join leagues in the sports of their choice. The team with the best statistics at the end of the season wins the money that players put in the pot at the beginning.

      In other words the players of the game are hooked for a season like donkeys with a carrot dangling in front of their nose that they chase after until finally it is allowed into their mouth.

      Fantasy baseball gaming has been around twenty years. Its not the new kid on the block.

      Coupled together with their favorite baseball team, the addiction is all the more enticing. Let's say the addict is a Dodger's fan. They wear blue. Sport a Dodgers baseball hat. Go to the games and cheer their hero's on. And a home their make believe Dodger team is all the more real to them.

      What an escape from reality! What irresponsibility to personal spiritual development! What unaccountability to God and Country!

      Think about it. When your time comes to depart from this world, and the books are opened before the LORD God, will your testimony be: You eat and slept a FANTASY SPORT while so many more unfortunate than yourself were in dire need of some kind of help and guidance.