Now you say you like to stand still in divine ecstacy and enjoy contemplating the river of revelation flowing through your consciousness but are frustrated by your inability to remember anything of the divine Light of Christ when you return to yourself.

      Why waste time trying to see through a glass darkly?

         We are not called to contemplation, but to suffer as bearers of the cross in obedience to the Spirit.

      What do you think to gain by examining the river of Light flowing through your consciousness when the Lord manifests in you? Do you suppose to make yourself wise? The Lord will make you wise in spiritual warfare destroying the works of the Devil. Arm yourself with the mind of Christ like the great Saints before you to suffer in the flesh.

      Many before you took their hands off of the plough to contemplate in the Spirit and made themselves unworthy of the anointing of Christ. For the Lord soon departs after it is apparent you are not willing to die to yourself and follow Him.

      Cease from quenching the Spirit and go back to bearing your cross of a living sacrifice daily. Walk in his Spirit and you will not fulfill the lusts of your flesh.