So, you heard a voice say, "Go to the gentleman sitting on the park bench", and you did not go for fear it was not the Lord speaking. But what did you have to lose by going to the man?

         It is not enough to hunger and thirst after righteousness to be filled with him. The purpose of arming yourself with Christ is to go in him where he leads to find out what he has in mind to do through you.

         The leading of the Lord is not always by the quickening of the Spirit in your mortal body.

         Follow the quickening of the Spirit in your mortal body in singleness of eye watching and listening for further signs of what he might have in mind to do. The work he will do in you he will say little of to you even as he sent Philip to the Egyptian Eunuch, but if you remember the Scriptures; Philip having heard the audible voice of the Lord speaking in him, ran to the Eunuch and received further instructions as he approached the man.

         So Philip humbly inquired of the dignified gentleman if he understood what he read, and was invited up into the chariot to interpret the Scriptures, and as the chariot moved on to where they came across water, the Ethiopian Eunuch was baptized and Philip was carried off by the angel of the Lord so the Eunuch rejoiced in the confirmation that he had indeed found God through the Scriptures.

         This was a very great win for the day, for the Eunuch was the Queen of Ethiopia's treasurer and servant and from that day forth Israel had a friend in her court.

         But you are left to imagine what a great work God might have done through you had you been obedient to what must have seemed like a small matter to you.

         Why do you despise the times of small things when God can do so very great a work in such a short time?

         If you are uncertain of who is speaking to you from the spirit world, consider if there be any harm in your obeying the voice you do hear and in due season you will learn to discern the voice of the Lord.