Now you will surely cast your pearls before the swine if you so much as whisper to others what you have written to me. Even the brethren who think they know you will call you a madman or accuse you of becoming a cult if they hear of how far you have gone in becoming one with Christ.

         You who own nothing in the service of the Lord, borrowed a brother's car and was driving in the Spirit when you thought to grip onto the steering wheel with all of your might. In trusting the Lord, you found him turning the steering wheel to drive the car through you in his Spirit; and were not astounded at all. For you have come to expect God to do awesomely through you in his Spirit.

         What more can I tell you?

         If you are not fully in the anointing, refrain from such activity lest you find yourself in an accident.

         You can drive a vehicle without turning it over to the Spirit of the Lord, so be cautious lest you find yourself chastized by making it a game to see just what the Lord will do.

         The Spirit of the Lord is not a toy. Other drivers and their passengers lives are at risk if you make a mistake moving at a higher speed than you are accustomed to move in in the Spirit.

         In times of old, their vehicles were horses and camels with chariots and wagons sometimes pulled behind them. We find no mention of the Saints driving or riding in the Spirit, for we are called to walk in the Spirit. It was only on a rare occasion the Lord would use a boat or a donkey.

         What you have experienced again is the hand of God in man which other men do not perceive, but King David said the Lord turned the edge of his sword in battle.

         He nearly lost his life to his adversary in the battle because of it.

         The Seer saw the workings of God in him, and the men of Israel rightly perceived a great Light could too easily be quenched; therefore they would not allow David to go into battle again.

         Likewise, you ought to exercise great caution in driving.