It is good to know you have seen a manisfestation of the divine nature again as a disciple. But why do you think you are something when you are nothing?

      If the Apostles and Prophets had to die daily, you too must die to yourself daily, and when you are dead to all of your carnal desires; you can be alive to Christ.

      You say you saw a jeweled river of living waters streaming into the air during your singing of praise and could not understand why it suddenly stopped when you ceased praising God to observe it.

      Had you continued praising God who is invisible with even greater zeal, you might have seen even more into the unseen, but once you stopped praising, the Lord who inhabits the praises of his people instantly departed into the unseen world of the Spirit with the treasure of the divine nature he was revealing to you.

      You know Saint Peter was distracted by the roaring of the storm upon the sea of Galilee and fell from the supernatural power of Christ in him down into the dangers of the natural raging waters he was walking on and would have lost his life had the Lord not extended his hand to rescue him.

      Supernatural power is cut off by distractions irregardless of their cause. What do you suppose would have happened to Shadrack, Meshach and Abindego had they become distracted by the coming of the Lord into the raging fury of the fires of the deadly furnace they had walked in to?

      When you become more experienced in the realm of the Spirit you will want to learn to hold fast to the focus of what you are doing in the Lord just as a runner leaping over hurdles on a race track cannot afford to look at other runners to see how he is doing or he will surely stumble over a hurdle and lose the race set before him.

      The first sign your flesh was suddenly visited during holy communion was the feeling of the Spirit of the Lord diving into your chest unannounced. It felt so good and novel you wanted him to do it again and are wise to always cast imaginations down or you would have soon quenched the fullness of the Spirit you were seeking.

      The Lord knows he is welcome to visit you divinely or you would not be standing before him partaking the bread of his flesh and the wine of his blood by faith. The experience of the manner of his coming distracted you so you did not know you were a new creature in Christ in your devotions. But when the Lord was gone from you, you returned to yourself and were sorry to be just a man again. Oh how the glories of the earth seem faded and pale after experiencing the glories of heaven.

      Although you are storing up treasures of the divine nature as a disciple, there is no reason to think of yourself as someone God needs to do his work. If you do not praise God, the stones will cry out. God is the beginning and end of all things. He does not call us to do his work as one who needs help or guidance, but our Maker invites us so he can work with us to build us into a new creature in Christ.

      The new you is the work God is doing interiorly while you emulate the Lord to manifest his Spirit.

      As long as you are willing to spend and to be spent, you have the hope of partaking of the divine nature, but as soon as you become puffed up with egotistical pride over what God is doing through you, the Lord will cease and you will be left to do his work on your own natural power.

      Press on to the goal of the high calling in God through Christ the Lord. In your weakness his supernatural strength manifests as you hunger and thirst after him to be filled with his Spirit of power and Light.

      You are still a disciple. Do not let admirers persuade you otherwise though they sense a divine Presence upon you in the anointing. You must perfect your skills in all things to build the perfect spiritual man.