Vain fashions have no effect on the inner man:

       Lets start with cosmetics. There are dresses. There are pocket books. There are shoes. there are sweaters. There are jackets. There are pants. There are socks. There are hats. Fashions multiplies into ten zillion distractions to the fashion addict and they do not see it.

       They are lost in spiritual darkness.

       Be a road sign.

       Don't condemn sinners.

       Show them the way out of their peculiar darkness.

       Fashions are a jungle mire of quicksand fashion addicts sink in to without knowing it.

       To win them you have to be knowledgeable and perfect in every detail of communication or they will exalt any flaw they can find to excuse their addiction.

       Lets get down to basics. Fashions are purchased with the intent of putting on a show at one time or another as Opportunity provides.

       Fashions are not of God. God Almighty would have every man, woman and child wake up and wash and clean and dress and eat and prepare oneself by prayer unto Him in the mornings of their days. He would have us all avoid putting on a vain show.