Ahhh, you have experienced another treasurable visitation from the Lord of glory. This time he shot into you like a lightning bolt driving all of your darkness back so quickly you could not help but perceive what the Word says, that we are darkness by nature.

      You were witnessing with others when the Lord came into you like a lightning bolt making you aware he was there, but they knew nothing of it; as you gripped onto the Spirit in all your might, and found the Lord walking away with you down the sidewalk.

      This is the kind of supernatural experience religious leaders cannot explain, so they oppose it like the Pharisees opposed the disciples of Christ working miracles and signs and wonders after the Ascension.

      Pay no attention to their criticisms. "EYE HAS NOT SEEN NEITHER HAS EAR HEARD NOR HAS IT ENTERED INTO THE HEART OF MAN THE THINGS GOD HAS PREPARED FOR THOSE WHO LOVE HIM." Were they to spend their lives loving God, they would not feel the need to oppose those who do, for they too would enter into impossibilities with God for whom all things are possible.

      You were wise to say nothing to your companions, for the Lord came not to entertain but to empower and enlighten you all the more to do his work in full understanding.

      Once again the Lord has shown himself willing to visit you in powerful visitations while you are busy bringing in his harvest. "THE LABORERS ARE FEW," but they are greatly rewarded with treasures of the divine nature.

      Continue to go out into the harvest field of souls. It is there you will more easily find the Lord of glory whom you love.