You came out of devotions in the Spirit of the Lord and without hearing anything audible, you knew a dart of the Devil was about to be thrown at you, and you braced for it and saw it smash against the transparency of the outer wall of the anointing. Christ in you knows all things, but you are not always fully in Christ.

         It certainly was a sign the adversary was ready to do battle if you were also ready. You were in the two fold anointing filled within with Christ. He is our shield of faith.

         All of the armour of God is Christ in you the hope of glory when the Lord is manifest. When your walk in the Spirit begins with such a good sign of overcoming power, the Lord is letting you know you have put him on in full power. He is ready to destroy the works of the Devil when you are also ready to do so in him.

         Put on the whole armor of God.

         The armor of God is made of Spirit.

         The Lord is the shield of faith you perceived when the darts of the devil exploded against a wall of transparent Spirit around about you. When you saw it in the Spirit, you should have understood you were in the twofold anointing.

         The Light of Christ in you warned you instinctively of the supernatural attack even though you did not see the Adversary. Those were literal darts and not just hurtful words spoken by someone inspired by demons to discourage and vex you.

      Keep your hand on the plough so you might continue to be used of God to do his work and to store up treasures of the divine nature in heaven, for he who takes his hand off of the plough is not worthy of the Lord coming to his temple in the anointing of power.