You saw a vision you know must be forbidden, for no such thing as you were shown is easily understood from the Word of God.

         It is a vision of what is to come. It was given to you to help you grow into a new creature in Christ full of Light.

         Where there is no vision the people perish. Every true man of God must know something more of what it will be like in the world to come, to be of any use to the people of God now.

         God would also have you know what is going to take place in the world to come so you can train in the Spirit for it.

         What others are not able to receive at this time, you are to keep to yourself for your use only. You have seen through a glass darkly in a vision of great color and activity such as filmmakers cannot produce in this world. And by the amazing quality of what you saw in the future, you knew it to be of God even though it astounded your mind.

         Don't be perplexed by the greatness of what Almighty God entrusted with you. One of His many purposes is to test your faithfulness with it, and were you to tell the world; few would believe it while others would condemn you.

         Continue serving the Lord fully and He will entrust even greater responsibilities to you.