Alcohol addicts are weak willed.

      We were created to become 'VESSELS SUITABLE FOR THE MASTER'S USE."

      If there is one addiction God allows, it's an addiction for Him.

      Our nation's schools have become breeding grounds for spreading the disease of sin.

      America would be smart to close much of its educational system and replace it with Internet lectures and tests. The number of teachers needed to do the job would reduce down to perhaps twelve of the best instructors for that subject level on a national education channel.

      It amazed me in High School to hear classmates boasting about being so drunk they didn't know what they did. It wasn't evident at the time they were laying the foundation for alcoholism by making it a fun thing to look back on.

      Have you ever seen a high school aged girl so heavily drugged with alcohol she didn't know she was sleeping on the floor, with so much of an anesthesia she didn't feel a thing.

      The hangover she woke up to told her she did something wrong. Her body ached from sleeping on the hard floor as she struggled down the hall. She had never noticed it was such a long way to the bathroom.

      Everything was so blurry. She couldn't think a thought.

      And though she had already vomited, she felt like she had to do it again and again; yet nothing was coming up.

      This was a terrible trial. She was terribly in need of food but knew she couldn't hold it down.

      Her body was in rebellion against her.

      Booze is advertised in so many ways in America always with the idea living a life of adventure and fun with a beautiful woman on each arm,....centered around it. Yet the real truth is with the girl holding her head over the toilet bowl trying to vomit. She is not having any fun or adventure and couldn't care less if a couple of handsome men were waiting at the kitchen table. She is so sick her only thought is to get better.

      Drinking loosens up the inhibitions of our sober nature and turns loose the wild side of our nature. Boldness and laughter come easier. There is a general anesthesia so people who are seriously drinking will tell you they are not feeling any pain.

      If they were stressed over anything, the stress is gone. If they were afraid to talk to someone they were interested in, they have a new boldness to express themselves.

      Drinking becomes so popular we find this student's room full of beer.

      There is no doubt his reputation is secure. There are plenty of students who cannot afford to drink who will not mind dropping by to see him so he can share his bounty with them. By stocking up such a formidable supply of beer, he is definitely more popular than the roommates next door who have none.

      Its an odd phenomenon that takes place. How much you can drink becomes part of the equation. Drinking gets into competitions. Here we see evidence of how much drinking has been taking place. Displaying the evidence allows for bragging rights and is a status symbol. You have the evidence of how much drinking has taken place and the house to do it, your popularity is up.

      You're the guy or gal who hosts the parties if that is your house, so anyone you bring there is going to understand the display of empty bottles. And they are most likely going to be your friend so they can come to the next party.

      It seems like the whole idea of having fun is replaced by drinking to have fun. Yet I remember a long time ago when darkness ruled my inner man, how drinking and partying produced no happiness for me. I was searching for real true love and couldn't find it in partying with sinners.

      I went to the parties of the world empty and returned empty.

      I began searching for happiness elsewhere and decided it had to be with God since happiness could not be found among humanity.

      I have been with God ever since 1972 when I earnestly promised Him all of me at the altar in a church meeting and asked Him for a gift in exchange. My ability to break out singing in the Spirit is the gift I received from my Lord and God. That was 38 years ago as of this writing as we approach 2010.

      I couldn't sing a note on key in those days. You'll find some of my impromptu singing compositions on the first menu of this website library.

      But back to the need to understand how the idea of drinking gets hold of the mind and soon becomes a habit.

      A bad habit.

      The alcoholic begger you see in the picture is fully convinced drinking is fun. Where drinking is, the party is there too. So he has become committed to drinking so much he has become enslaved to it. The idea of drinking competively became so much a part of him he decided doing it full time would free him from the burden of work and free him to party continually.

      Drinking for many is part of the party, but for him drinking is the whole party. In fact drinking has become his god!

      The alcoholic has nothing but his drinking habit. He has no wife, no children, no family, no job, and accepts no responsibilities in this world. His full time concern seems to be to kill the pain of living by drinking himself drunk.

      Drunkards are nothing new to society. King David said he was the song of drunkards. One of their pass times while drinking is in mocking others irregardless of whether they are mocking the Lord's anointed or a whore. Its all the same to them.

      Ask yourself when you take a good look at this drunkard, if he is having fun? Is life an adventure for him? Does he have a beautiful girl on either arm? Is he the life of the party?

      If he survives sleeping in the street after having overdosed so much, he passed out; he will do it again.

      Alcoholics wake up with such bad hangovers, they drink to kill the pain. They are no longer attempting to escape the sober realities of living a normal life, they drink to kill the pain of terrible hangovers.

      Their bodies become accustomed to alcohol. Their minds become accustomed to living a vain life. They exist in an alcoholic oblivion thinking they have found f r e e d o m while their addiction continues to enslave them.


      This drunk has their billfolds held out while he sleeps dead to all reality from too much alcohol. Any stranger could walk away with those billfolds without him perceiving it.

      Drunkeness steals your rationality.

      The police lock drunks up overnight to protect them from themselves and others they may harm irrational'ly.

      Drunk drivers kill and are so drunk they feel no sorrow over what horrendous things they have done in surviving smoldering wrecks. They are glad to be alive while unfeeling to the victims of their drunken crime spree down the highway to steal the lives of the innocent and the kin cannot comprehend why the drunk does not feel anything for the people he murdered driving drunk.

      Even Z e r o T o l e r a n c e cannot save society from the first drunk driving accident unless America recognizes "drunk in public" translates into....

      Turn your driver's license in forever.

      Its no joke when we say, anyone inclined to drunkeness is going to be inclined to drive drunk, and anyone inclined to drive drunk is going to commit a seriously violent crime behind the sinful excuse he was so drunk he was not responsible for his actions.

      Would you like heavens take on it?

      Drunkeness is warned against in the holy Book! But there are lost souls who will not listen to what is reasonable.

      Heaven has reserved parking for you if you are alcoholic!

      The Lord knows the price you will pay for your sins as they pile up into a mountain of wrath against you.

      When you are judged it will be too late.

      God Almighty is slow to anger and execute wrath upon transgressors.

      You have very little hope of getting Him to repent of judging you once it is done!

      There are Americans in every State of the Union in wheel chairs today because they drank too much yesterday!

      Think about it!

      A drunk driver could wake up to truth the hard way

a tree grew in his parking place before he got there

totalling his vehicle in a sidewalk scare

protected by a solid wood soldier standing tall

Adam didn't have that much trouble in the fall

The tree was stronger by far than his car

When he woke up he wasn't sure what he saw...

      Ambulance technicians might roll you away strapped in a gurney wagging fingers of indignance at you for killing an entire family and here they were carrying you off to safety while your bloodied victims were carried to the morgue in body bags.

      Do you want that kind of memory to sleep with at night and walk with in the day???

      Of course not. But some know no better.

      So there ought to be BOOZE FREE ENVIRONMENTS where habitual drunkards could be fenced in to a farm or manufacturing environments where they earn their own bread.

      That is my politics on drunkenness.

      Spiritually speaking Jesus partakes in holy Communion and John the Baptist is abstinent while both are one with God Almighty continually.

      There is no supermarket of choices.

      O h n o ! ! !

      Give your life to God and He will let you know along the way of totally living for Him, what you must do to enter into Oneness in the Spirit of Heaven God is.

      I am but a sign pointing the way hid in Him.