Saint Ed

      In the first video above you will see how inconvenient life can be in a prison block where a sudden unannounced search takes place with a bang!

      You will see how absolute the jailers are with their authority.

      In this next video you will see a prison riot broken up by stingball explosions fired by jailers.

      The damaging effect is ultimately shown when a wounded inmate raises his arm for the camera.

      Prison is obviously not the kind of environment you would ever want to live in. Many of the inmates effected by the impact of stingballs and the gaseous atmosphere they had to breath while the riot was broken up, were innocent bystanders to the fighting.

      Prison is a dangerous environment.

      In this next video you will see a prison riot in Pelican Bay that erupts for a half hour with two hundred inmates plunging into battle.

      Tear gas had little effect.

      Eighty nine knives were confiscated. One man was dead.

      Inmates form gangs in prison for self preservation, usually based on race. And with abundance of time on their hands, they spend serious time getting themselves hardened physically for the fight they know is ahead.

      Prison is a trap. You don't want to go to prison. Its not worth it! In this next video, a jailer gives us the tour of San Quentin, an ill designed prison.

      After seeing the living conditions of San Quentin, and how the inmates are jammed into the cells, you definitely do not want to do anything worthy of prison time.