Develop a portfolio
stay out of debt
and store food and water.

Saint Ed

      Inflation has been known to stampeed out of control in America and other countries making paper money almost worthless, so every believer with financial responsibilities ought to keep that fact in mind at all times so as to not be snared. But there is no greater inflation than wasteful spending. Look at the above video and you will have to put your heart back in your chest before it is all over.

      A portfolio should include gold and silver, life insurance policies, retirement benefits, etc. along with cash savings. But your portfolio should also include treasures stored up in heaven. Friendships you make in this world also will prove valuable in the world to come.

      In an economic collapse, your money cannot buy much to eat; so store up food and don't let it rot on the shelf. Store up water also in case of major disasters where services are cut off and be sure to have alternative energy available such as a generator to run your refrigerator and lights and a hotplate for alternative cooking.

      Stay out of debt in accordance with the Word of God, and believe it or not; that includes home mortgages which anchor purchasers to long term fixed positions and commitments rather than allowing us to be free to fly away like a bird to another State.

      When the final world empire is established, they will most likely allow only the Euro and exchanges to get the Euro will probably be at severe and costly discounts. So the Euro is a good investment.


      In Germany before World War II, inflation was so bad; the Germans had to use wheelbarrows to carry enough paper money to the store to buy a loaf of bread.

      Decades later, Zimbabwe paper money is worthless under the rule of the dictator Mugabe. Only gold is acceptable with the Vendors of food, merchandise and services.

      Young people dig in the mud and pan for gold sometimes earning only enough for a little food by the end of the day. Old people are starving because they do not have the strength to pan for gold. The government of the tyrant Mugabe does nothing while he lives lavishly in one of the most beautiful mansions in the world.

      One of the worst things you can do when the value of paper money begins to depreciate alarmingly is, to believe it cannot become worthless. It can!