Hospitals are in the money making business,
and your health is unimportant to them corporately
because of corporate greed.

Saint Ed

      When you approach a business irregardless of what their product or services are; their huge multi-million dollar buildings in immaculate condition say they are going to make money off of you and you are not going to get what you think you are paying for.

      HMO is an acronym for a Health Maintenance Organization. They are well known for selling health maintenance plans with customers making payments in advance of services rendered, so of course they are tempted to find ways to keep as much of such lucrative income as possible so they can live lavish life styles and preside over growing corporate hogs.

      When anyone pays for health care in advance and does not get it, they lose; especially when they find the health care industry fortified behind a near bullet proof legal defense system.

      One of the health industry's biggest advantages is PATIENT INABILITY to fight back once their afflictions have knocked them out of employment, so years of income are lost. There are early deaths because of the wickedness of the health care system in American with American taxpayers paying welfare costs for cast offs of a DO-U-WRONG,... no health maintenance care system.

      Continuing to legalize HMO's to collect for services in advance of illnesses that often times do not occur in the majority of their clients, a great evil. The payees who did not come down sick, paid for health care they didn't need, and those payees who came down ill,... who did not receive proper medical care were robbed too.

      Any government small or great authorizing pre-paids is morally wrong.

      This is God's Light for America on this issue.


      Senator Bernie Sanders has no solution, but he does have the facts. The volumes of fraud among America's drug companies is astronomical.

      Most of the FDA approved drugs the drug companies are manufacturing do more harm than good. All you have to do is read the warnings on any drug and you would have to wonder if their chemists really know what will happen inside your body if you take them as prescribed.

      Americans like to mock the medicine man who drove into town with a remedy for everything under the sun in a bottle to sell to the gullible public before moving on to the next community before their customers found it their gimmicks didn't work.

      People haven't changed. We have afflictions and we want to be relieved of the discomfort and pain. And we are willing to pay anyone skillful enough to make us believe they have the solution for us.

      The biggest sales point with drugs is the natural healing built into the human body. Doctors prescribe mountains of drugs for Americans every year and many believe they are helpful. Why? Well they started taking the drugs about the same time their body started to heal up naturally, and bingo! They attributed their regained health to the drugs!

      The same principle applies to acupuncture. The patient is punctured with needles while the professionals put on a medical show of concerned expertise for them; and lo and behold! The natural healing of the body already in motion, repairs the affliction and the patient swears by acupuncture. Soon others are hearing of their wonderful recovery and are visiting their friendly poke a hole in you to heal you clinic.

      You have to give it to the Orientals. Their medicine is so much more simple. Anyone with a few needles can go into business puncturing patients with while doing so much less damage than the deadly drugs manufactured in the corporate laboratories of the world's foremost drug dealer - America!

      So Acupuncture is in widespread use in America. It came in with the waves of Oriental immigrants and is here to stay. Had American medicine been far superior to Oriental medicine, acupuncture might have had to stay at home in foreign lands; but as it is, Americans who cannot find a cure with prescription drugs are willing to try acupuncture. Ask the Acupuncturists how they know where to stick their needles, and you will get nothing more than rheteric. The same thing you will get from American doctors who prescribe multiple drug combinations they never heard of when you ask them what they know about the effect those chemicals are going to have on your health.

      The same principle of natural healing promoting medical practicioners also worked among the natives in America. Their Medicine man did his thing with his patients and when they healed up naturally, he took credit for it and got himself a reputation for healing. Take a good look at him. Maybe he looks to you like our doctors look to God Almighty who sees people as they really are: Would you trust your health to him? The Indians did! And if his patients died, it was their fault or the decision of the great spirit, but if they got well, the Medicine man received the glory. Sound familar?


      The MIB collects information nationwide on sick and injured patients from all over the United States. Testing laboratories and hospitals share and sell medical info to the MIB. HMO's and life insurance companies check applicants with the MIB to find out if there is anything they need to know about them. And I am not sure there are laws yet to regulate MIB activity nationwide.

      This is important for you to know. Once your name and afflictions are in the MIB, you are classified as having A PRE'EXISTING CONDITION. Your medical premiums skyrocket to the moon. Your savings spring a leak. Your quality of life suffers. Some lose their jobs because the Medical Care they thought was there was not there. So years of income and benefits can be easily lost.

      Some even become homeless and die miserably in the gutters of American civilization while employees of HMO's greet the next victim with smiles of concern for their health problem as they process them through the diabolical system that is in place at the time.

      HMO's have a terrible habit of cancelling medical insurance in the middle of service when people need it the most.

      Life Insurance companies will turn down or raise the price when they obtain derogatory information concerning your health from the MIB.

      You need to know the MIB is out there nationwide on the great spider webs of the Net. You also need to control as much as possible the flow of information concerning your health so they don't know every time you sneeze. Stay out of every data base no matter how inconsequential it may seem to you today, is tomorrow you are trying to protect.