There is an emphasis on the outer person rather than inward virtue.

      In the above video is the world record holder for the largest breasts. She's a Latin model and is presently having some of her artificial breast implants removed to avoid stretch marks during her pregnancy.

      She is an example of the decadence of this present world's emphasis on outward beauty rather than inward virtue.

      The irony of this story is the willingness of the public to accept artificial breasts as competitors for honour as the world's largest. I personally think there are women much less attractive whose breasts are much larger than hers by nature who are not getting any Media attention because of their lack of attractiveness. So has the largest breasts for an attractive model but she doesn't hold the world's record for a naturally large set of breasts.

      So Sheyla Hershey is putting on a Media show and if the Guinness Book of World's Records recognizes her claims, they will be encouraging women to endanger themselves to have even bigger implants.

      The doctor famous cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Robert Ray in Beverly Hills flew from Los Angeles to Houston to make the above film with Sheyla Hershey which is full of disclaimers as to any responsibility on his part if things go wrong from her many operations, and in the process of promoting her breasts as the world's largest, he manages to promote himself as the celebrity doctor people need to see to have him fix their bodies the way they want them cosmetically.

      In this last video we have the sum of the matter. Plastic surgery is epidemic with not only the carnally minded consumer being out of control, but the doctors who will make you look like the Joker if you are willing to pay for it.