Dumping the white man's name for Malcom X or Muhammad Ali doesn't rid you of the wrong cultural influences you are bearing about in your behaviour. Don't get me wrong, if it really helps you to change your name; do it! But if you are playing the racist by saying you won't wear a white man's name, you are not doing yourself or those you influence any good at all. There is no doubt a name change helped Malcom X achieve his purposes, but wouldn't you want to change your name if it was Malcom Little?

      It was fashionable for black Americans like Malcom X and Muhammad Ali to change their names to represent their newly won identities. Have you won a new identity in Christ? He will give you a new name inside a stone in the world to come, and the Lord is no racist. Believe me, you will get your new name along with every other believer in Jesus Christ. And only he and you will know your name. There is the personal relationship God wants to establish with you.

      But you'd better watch out. Promote division in this world among brethern in the faith, and you might just find your name called "Divisive" by the Lord in the world to come. If you preach or live a racist philosophy for whatever reason you are justifying yourself, you might find yourself called "Racist." That's right! You who like to sling the word "racist" around, might find the Lord slinging it back at you. You will "REAP WHAT YOU SOW."

      What is unity? We live in the United States don't we? Yet we are not really united are we? When Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japenese, they united us. You don't have the power of a government, but in your own small way you can unite those whose lives you influence.

      And just how is this little bit of unity going to take place in your life and the lives of others? It is the bond of love in Christ the Lord, our Maker.

      If you live a "LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR" life, you will unite others in love; but if you are of a racist mind; you will divide others in your realm of influence.

      What will it be? The love of God or devilish hatred? Choose this day whom you will serve. The flesh or the Spirit.