Oprah is A brown skinned woman who speaks like a lady. Her enunciation is excellent. She uses intonations to make her points. She has a fine intellect. Her makeup artists lighten her skin to make her race transparent to white Americans who flock to her for guidance while black Americans also adore her as one of their own with almost a worshipful admiration.

      She has focus, charisma, and style.

      She is incredibly talented in speaking the truth as she understands it .

      She is rich and famous and successful beyond belief. What more could anyone hope to be in this world?

      Yet she lacks the most important possession of all. A possession more important than health or wealth. A possession that can't be bought over the counter. A possession that can't be seen by human eyes. It is a possession that grows with use and is increased by our obedience to God.

      Without faith we cannot please God.

      Without faith, Oprah Winfrey is displeasing to God day and night even though she continues to please millions of fans.

      While Oprah appears to be the greatest African American success story of our generation, she is well on her way to becoming the greatest American tragedy of this generation.

      There are undoubtedly some among her millions of fans who would sacrifice their lives to save her soul. Yet someone already purchased Oprah with His blood.

      Someone far greater than anyone conceived in sin. And he is now seated at the right hand of God in heaven seeing all Oprah does and says to promote the occults.

      Oprah was raised in a Baptist church. Had she not neglected her faith through the many years of materialistic success, her faith would be strong now when she needs it the most to combat demonic powers in the unseen realm from stealing her victory spiritually.

      She is obviously a key target for the powers of darkness since she influences so many with such great frequency in America. Oprah Winfrey is the most influential woman in the world at the time of this writing. But why is she inclined to invite New Agers onto her show to promote what they are doing when she doesn't need them?

      Saint Paul, the Apostle writes in holy Scripture as a Prophet:

      "Now the Spirit speaks expressly, that in THE LATTER TIMES some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils."

      Oprah's endorsement of Eckhart Tolle, Gary Zukav, Cheryl Richardson, Marianne Williamson, Shirley MacLaine, and Deepak Choprah, to name a few whose beliefs are doctrines of devils, tells us she is giving heed to seducing spirits.

      Instead of pointing the finger of accusation at Oprah Winfrey, who obviously neglected her faith in God, your duty is to fast and pray fervently to bind the power of Satan upon her as she goes about the spirit quenching business of running so many enterprises with the making of so many decisions while so many distract her with adulation as she comes and goes.

      Her failure is your failure America.

      You who have faith are not doing your job in the prayer closet, so she can shine for the Lord. When Oprah first became the foremost talk show host in the world, Christians everywhere should have prayed an army of angels down from heaven to guard her as a national treasure.

      Now, Oprah's ears are not only closed to the gospel. She is opposed to it.

      This is clear in the well circulated video where she openly denies Jesus Christ.

      She objects to God being a jealous God, yet it is doubtful she ever read the Bible thoroughly enough to comprehend why.

      Let us all understand God's point of view. He created Oprah. He has the right to become jealous if she rejects him in front of the nation on national television and idolizes herself.

      She long ago began taking credit for her success when God's Word tells us "WE CAN DO NOTHING OF OURSELVES." "WE LIVE OUR LIVES AS A TALE THAT WAS TOLD."

      In her LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE TOUR in 2001 Oprah credits herself, saying: "I leave this place grateful for the life that I have created now."

      She was New Age then, but apparently no one noticed. Oprah was protected by the adoration of her multitudes of fans who presumed she was using words loosely as many Americans do. But Oprah meant every word of her carefully scripted prayer which was loaded with self centeredness and New Age philosophy.

      Comments have been placed in parenthesis next to each line of Oprah's prayer to explain the spiritual reality of it.

      Read it carefully.

      She began with what seemed like a harmless intro to lead her audience into a New Age prayer:


"I'd like to turn down the lights."

"Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. (The New Age movement is big on Yoga with its emphasis on breathing.)

"I do this meditation in my tub. (Oprah is too busy with her many enterprises to sit in a lotus position while praying her New Age prayer, so she does it where-ever she is. In her luxury bath she is reminded of her incredible success story.)

"Sometimes at Harpo. (Harpo is Oprah's famous studio location in Chicago. She is impressed with herself there too.)

"Sometimes sitting in my living room. (Her luxury living room also reminds Oprah of her incredible success story.)

"As you close your eyes, take three deep breaths, and on the third, follow your breath as you inhale and exhale. (Now the guru is guiding her followers to perform Yoga without telling them so. In 2001 her fans thought it was just something Oprah did, that she wanted to share with them.)

"Follow your breath. Follow your breath… (Yoga type meditations are practiced by many unregenerate religions of the world. Guru's, Avatars and other blind guides have invaded America for decades. They open their mouth and their heart to the possibility of a demon taking possession of them interiorily to empower them.)

"Oh God, my heart is open to you. (Oprah says it in such a way as to lead her audience into believing she is opening her heart to them. But New Age prayers open their heart to the spirit realm whether the adherents know it or not.)

"Come sit in my heart. (The Spirit is invited to come into the one praying and rule over their heart from the within.)

"If you're not comfortable with the word God, it doesn't matter. (Now Oprah is addressing her audience again to console them into continuing on into the most dangerous of prayers.)

"Oh, glorious future, my heart is open to you… (Oprah is speaking to the future as though the future is God.)

"All that is divine, my heart is open to you… (She is speaking to whatever spirit is listening without knowing that spirit personally.)

"All that is love, peace, comfort, grace, joy. My heart is open to you. (To the Christian participating in this prayer, Oprah was praying to the God of all comfort, but she is praying for peace, comfort, grace, and joy as the world gives it.)

"Come sit in my heart. (Oprah is repeating the Mantra to the spirits.

"Please know that on this day, you can begin to move forward in your life in a grander, bolder direction. (Oprah is interupting the prayer to address her audience personally. To guide them further into the occult prayer.)

"The universe is waiting, willing, joyfully, gloriously, to support you. (Who is the universe? What is out there? If not the God of the Bible, the Creator of the universe; then demons are waiting, willing, joyfully, even gloriously, to support those who open their hearts to them. Oprah's ego is so puffed up with her success that the universe is waiting to hear from her. The sky is the limit for you, but the unbounded universe is the limit for her.)

"All that is love, my heart is open to you. (Oprah has her reason for opening her heart to the spirit realm, and the unclean spirits who occupy it have their reason for possessing human souls who invite them in.)

"Come sit in my heart. (This is the third time Oprah has repeated this Mantra.)

"The universe is not interested in your struggles and your pain and your sorrow. (The Devil is not interested in your struggles and your pain and your sorrow, but we who believe in Christ are told to "Cast all our cares on Him, for He cares for us.)

"It wants you to be joyful. (The universe is not alive. It is a physical creation. By universe, Oprah means what is out there roaming around in it.)

"We often struggle because we choose to swim upstream. (Oprah is attempting to convince those praying with her to follow her light. After all, her materialistic success proves she is a wise spiritual guide, or does it?)

"All that is God, my heart is open to you. (But Oprah does not believe in the God of the Bible, as we have found out in 2009, eight years after this prayer; so what god is she opening her heart too?)

"My heart is open to find the flow, the flow, the flow, the flow that is my life. (Oprah's fans are to follow her because she is open to the flow, the flow, the flow, the flow of her life. Her audience is obviously not yet open to the flow of their lives as much as Oprah.)

"I am willing to surrender to the flow that is my life. (Here is Oprah's occult secret. She surrenders to the flow of her life while we who believe in Christ surrender to his Word which is a Light unto our feet.)

"Oh, glorious future. (Oprah is entralled with the vain glory of her success. She is envisioning even greater success. She is already the foremost national talk show host. Now she wants to be become America's foremost Guru.)

"My heart is open to you. (This is the other Mantra in her prayer. Her heart is open to greater success and anything the spirit realm can do to help her obtain it.)

"Come sit in my heart. (This is the fourth time Oprah has repeated this Mantra.)

"Oh, glorious future. (Oprah continues to state her purpose which is to obtain an even more glorious future.)

"I surrender my life to be used to the purpose that is my soul's calling. (Oprah credits herself with surrending to her calling. We who know our lives are predestined also know we can do nothing of ourselves, but Oprah is pleased with herself for surrending to her glorious success story. She actually believes she has done it all.)

"How will you use me? How can I be used? (Who is she talking to? It is already clear she is not talking to the God of the Bible whom she rejects. This prayer is her contract with the spirit realm. Her heart is open to spirits unknown to her, to.....)

"Use me.

"Use my talents.

"Use my wit.

"Use my skill.

"Use my heart.

"Use me.

"How can I be used to serve the greater calling that is my life? (And in using her, she is to be used for the glorious future of her greater calling. Her audience has a calling they are to find, but Oprah's is a greater calling.)

"That is the question. (That is the contract.)

"I surrender to that. (She surrenders to the contract.)

"I surrender to that. (She repeats, she is actually surrendering to the contract of the prayer in its entirety.)

"I leave this place grateful for the life that I have created now. (She now takes credit for all of her success, and is grateful to herself for it. Oprah idolizes herself. Oprah is the god of Oprah's life.)

"I am so grateful for, I am so grateful for, I am so grateful for my life. (She repeats over and over how grateful she is for her life all the while believing she is responsible for her own success while we as believers are taught to Give all of the glory to God.)

"I am so grateful for the possibilities. (Oprah is looking forward to even greater success.)

"I am so grateful for the possibilities of my life. (She repeats her gratitude into her own hearing.)

"I open my heart to you. (This is her main Mantra. It is the eighth times she has said in this prayer that her heart is open to you.)

"Slowly open your eyes. And know this: (Now Oprah is addressing her audience to bring them out of their meditative state, and she says:)

"I am so grateful for you. (This is a dark saying. Oprah is not only grateful to her audience. She is grateful to whomsoever is listening in the spirit world of the universe just so long as it is not the God of the Bible whom she long ago rejected for being a jealous God.)

"Thank you" (Her thankyou is to the audience but also to whatever spirits are listening in the spirit realm. Oprah is either very skilled in herself to write such a powerful occult prayer, or she had help from one of her guru's or occult contacts.

      We are warned in holy Scripture, the devil comes as AN ANGEL OF LIGHT but who among her millions of fans would have ever imagined Oprah Winfrey was increasingly becoming the Devil's servant?


      In 2001 Oprah's Christian followers didn't suspect her of any occult activity. Many of them prayed Oprah's prayer presumptuously thinking she was addressing it to the God of the Bible while Oprah's occult and cult fans from every unregenerate religion prayed with Oprah to their gods.

      Oprah has been seen and heard saying on a well circulated video on the Internet, that Jesus Christ couldn't possibly be the only way to heaven. "There are too many people in the world who haven't heard of Him." She argued.

      Oprah silenced one of the Christian women trying to answer her, and then proceeded to make a speech justifying her position; but another Christian woman answered, saying Christ would not return until the gospel was preached to all the world.

      Oprah was unable to reply from the Scriptures, so she retreated as many do, saying: "I'm not going to argue religion with you."

      The Christian woman in the audience was not arguing religion. She was quoting God out of the Bible. By neglecting her faith, Oprah Winfrey was unable to discern the difference between two churches arguing theology and a believer telling her what God has promised to do.

      Now you know what to pray for. Think of all the souls throughout the world who are being led into spiritual darkness by Oprah Winfrey. Fast and pray to bind the spirits of devils from her and loose the revealing Light of salvation before it is too late.


      In the years immediately following the Christian women standing up to Oprah's occult faith on her show, Oprah was found in attendance at a Joel Osteen service in his mega church where she was greeting from the podium by him.

      She looked worried like someone who could have been destroyed right there on the spot. This was a very bold move on her part. To come into a liberal Christian congregation most likely with a planned announcement of her presence from Osteen; but with no guarantees someone in the congregation would NOT confront her for her occult beliefs.


      Another occultist whose name is April Crawford provides according to her website: "one of the most adept deep trance channels in the world today with over 15 years of experience providing consultations with highly evolved nonphysical entities for individuals, groups, and businesses in many countries" according to the website. She contacts familiar spirits.

      "There shall not be found among you any who.....use divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch, or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer. For all who do these things are an abomination unto the LORD: Deuteronomy 18:10/13

      April Crawford apparently is one of Oprah's occult advisers. She advertises her ability to contact the dead and receive messages from them.

      The following advertisement was copied from April Crawford's INNER WHISPERS website in July of 2009:

      "If you are attracted to Oprah Winfrey's Soul Series and her other related work and shows, you probably know how very spiritually centered Oprah is.... or you would not be here.

      Oprah Winfrey is a "spiritual explorer".

      You are also most likely a spiritual explorer yourself and are particularly interested in how to manifest what you want.

      Understanding how spiritual growth ... and connecting with the spiritual... can help you manifest whatever it is you want in your everyday life.

      Oprah is sharing her spiritual awareness with everyone... on a mass scale that only Oprah can do right now.

      April Crawford closes with the statement, "If you admire Oprah Winfrey and her spiritual work as we do, you will enjoy receiving your free copy of INNER WHISPERS."

      Is there any doubt now? Oprah Winfrey is a blind spiritual guide influencing millions. She is a demon driven occultist. This makes her the most dangerous woman in America at this time. This is another video exposing Oprah Winfrey for who she really is. In it you can see she is almost worshipful of her occult advise.