Now lets seriously consider the threat of war embodied in the cry of NO JUSTICE NO PEACE.

      The I can beat you in a fight ego grows into a mob mentality real quick doesn't it? Would Martin Luther King march under such a banner? I doubt it.

      He won his battle to set black Americans free because of the contrast between hostile white racists and his crowds of peaceful black and white Americans marching for the cause of freedom.

      Shows of intimidation have become commonplace by Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. They are Johnnie on the spot when there is an incident involving blacks and whites.

      The NO JUSTICE NO PEACE threat has evolved from the black riots years ago where entire communities of blacks burned their own infrastructure to the ground, looted their own community based stores as a thankyou for servicing them, and killed anyone who was not black (which is racism at its worst isn't it?)

      Was that the NO JUSTICE NO PEACE theme American society and its human justice system is to tremble at? That you will riot, loot, burn and kill if you cannot influence the justice system with protest marches?

      Black Americans are desperate for real leadership. And you cannot have it. Do you want to know why? When a Larry Elders comes forth among your people with a super abundance of knowledge accompanying the right prospective on how to advance your race; you close your ears to his enlightenment.

      When the Colin Powells, Condolezzi Rices, and the ______________ obtain stature in the world of politics, you ignore their conservative approach to supposed racial incidents; and follow hard after media chasers like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Did it ever occur to you to contact Powell, Rice, and __________ to get their take on the matter?

      You cannot be led by conservative black leaders because they are too mature for you. You are ripe for the plucking by any firebrand religious spirit who is willing to wag his finger in the camera at White America and the justice system.

      Were Jackson and Sharpton mature believers in Jesus Christ, they could not allow the NO JUSTICE NO PEACE banners to fly in their protest marches. It puts American blacks closer to the edge of Civil War.

      There are no winners in a Civil War, but of all the races in America; black Americans are the least equiped to fight a Civil War.

      Intimidation seems to be working. Yet O.J.'s innocent verdict continues to be suspect while he gets into trouble with the law as does Rodney King with a million dollar settlement to spend after being beaten by the LAPD.

      The Jena Four episode got great coverage in the media nationally. So the intimidating protest marches gained something. But when all of the players were brought into the camera light, no injustice was found.

      The young white man the four ganged up and almost killed was no arrogant Klu Klux Klansman. He was mild, meek and forgiving of his black racist attackers. Young black people who committed a crime and needed to be reigned in.

      Jackson and Sharpton have gotten ridiculous in their lust for media attention. We see evidence of this over and over again.

      A young fifteen old black girl by the name of Tawana Brawley claimed to have been raped by six white men. Sharpton came roaring into town to point the finger at an assistant district attorney. The man's reputation took a terrible beating in the press. No real evidence was found of rape when Tawana was examined medically nor was there any evidence found of rape when she was brought before a grand jury investigation.

      The assistant distract attorney's political career was ruined. He sued for defamation of charactor and won a sixty five thousand dollar judgment against Al Sharpton. Do you think Sharpton would pay? Oh no, the justice system is always wrong. Al Sharpton is always right.

      Sharpton has been convicted of income tax evasion. You and I have to pay our taxes, Jesus paid his taxes with a gold coin from the fishes mouth, but Al doesn't have to pay his taxes. Why? As long as racism exists in America, why should he pay his taxes.

      Really? If white people observe racist bias and bigotry in black Americans, then we should stop paying our taxes so everyone's public services will come to a screaming halt and those black racists will not benefit from our tax dollars anymore.

      If you use the public highways to drive to where you are going, you need to support your government so they can build and maintain those roads and provide all of the other many services only a government can provide. Is the government ever going to come up to the standard we all want it to? No! Governments always fall short of providing everything the people need.

      Will we ever have a justice system that is perfect? Absolutely not! The justice system in America sells justice to the rich who can afford a dream team of lawyers. The poor of every race are oppressed by the justice system in America.

      Why should we support what is in place if it is not working the way it should work? If the government that is in place were to collapse for any reason, we would have anarchy. Lawlessness would replace law and order. The law and order we have in place isn't perfect, but its law and order. All you have to do is take a vacation in a war torn country to find a greater appreciation for law and order.

      Let me say this to you in all sincerity. If you march under the banner of NO JUSTICE NO PEACE you run the risk of edging this country toward a Civil War, and Civil Wars are not easy to stop once they get started.

      The Arabs can't stop fighting the Israeli's. In the Bible its called "THE OLD HATRED." Muslim Shietes can't stop fighting Sunni Muslims.

      The Sharpton's and Jackson's will continue to gather protest marchers for every supposed racial incident they can find. They will continue to indoctrinate black Americans with an "I am the victim" attitude. They will continue to teach Americans to see life through racist lens rather than through the eye of Light that is in Jesus Christ.

      The root of all evil is not racism. "The love of money is the root of all evil." (Root refers to the hidden motive in people's behaviour. Look for the money motive and you will begin to discern the primary interest of those you are dealing with from all races. And if you can make yourself profitable to others, you will find out your skin color doesn't make much of a difference to them. People like to hear the cash register singing.