Many addictions involve a mad desire to be first in something.

      When someone has to be the best, there is the suggestion they are attention starved and are trying to fulfill what they perceive to be a real need; then when they achieve success and are counted the best, surprisingly enough, they may discover they are not fulfilled and all of the work and expense and sacrifice they put into their quest was in vain.

      Meanwhile where is God in all of an individual's quest to be the center of attention? Chances are the Lord may be a dusty Bible the individual dusts off on Sundays to attend Church or the Lord may be the fairy in the sky the muscle builder mocks because of his overly inflated opinion of himself.

      Just as a woman's enlarged breasts seem to house her ego, so an enlarged body seems to house a man's enlarged ego.

      In the first video above we see a man building his pecs up so much his breasts look like a woman's and his nipples are out of place to the front. Where is the gain fellows when you make yourselves ugly and so muscle bound you can't move with the elasticity God gave you anymore?


      Gregg Valentino is the poster boy for steroids abuse among body builders. Gregg was someone willing to take things to the extreme in whatever he was doing whether it was bodybuilding, steroid use, and ultimately in the sales of steroids to support his habit.

      Things got out of control on all fronts when Gregg's bad habit of not cleaning his steroid needles caused his world record 27" biceps to become seriously infected. In the above video, you will see that side of Gregg Valentino, but his story doesn't end there.

      Gregg got into the big time sales of drugs with his beginnings in steroids and found himself dealing with criminals willing to put a gun to his head when things were not going right. He abandoned the morals God writes on our hearts and his wife divorced him. Even though his Puerto Rican girlfriend saved his life in the midst of the violence of his crimes, she died from an over dose.

      The promise that our sins will find us out came true in Gregg Valentino's life when his biceps exploded with infection and he had to go to the hospital for surgery. There the police got wind of his illegal use of steroids and carried him off to jail.

      One sin led to another sin and so on until Gregg Valentino shipwrecked. Can he put his life back together? No, but with the help of the Lord "all things are possible." The moral of this story is don't get immoral in the first place. Decide right now, you are going to go the straight and narrow spiritual road with the Lord and his holy Word as your guiding Light.


      The effect steroids have on users in the weight room suggests swelling of the muscles rather than the development of strength. A little of it may be helpful in stimulating muscle growth but excess in anything is not wise. Body builders tend to go to fat and flab when they quit their discipline, so they are left with a lot of weight to carry around in life unnecessarily.

      The picture displayed here of weight lifters obviously involved in heavy steroid use demonstrates just how abnormal men can make themselves.

      This guy emphasized his thighs and calves too much under the heavy influence of steroids and showed viewers what an artist he is not.

      If they keep it up they'll look like aliens from outer space and there will be a price to pay in their health. We are already sized properly by our intelligent Designer and if what we are seeing on the outside of these body builders is an indication of what they are doing to their internal organs, they are going to die young.

      Instead of making themselves strong and handsome, they are succeeding in making themselves weak and ugly. Be temperate in all you do and this sort of addiction will not take over your life to your hurt.