There are many misconceptions regarding the resurrected body you will inherit in the Resurrection and your spiritual condition from that day forth into the Age to come. In the Word we are told: "The knowledge of the glory of the LORD will fill the earth." (Habakkuk 2:14)

      People like to quote Psalms where the anointed King David says he will awaken in the Lord's image. Are you anointed like King David? How is it many so quickly seize a promise the anointed King David attributes to himself?

      Many others like to quote "this corruption shall put on incorruption" and "this mortal shall put on immortality." The Word of God shall most certainly come to pass as He intends it to come to pass; but not as you dream it should. In due season, you shall come to the day where you shall see it spiritually, then you shall know it in the Millenium Age when "the knowledge of the glory of the LORD will fill the earth.

      "God "ONLY HAS IMMORTALITY". He dwells "IN THE LIGHT WHICH NO MAN CAN APPROACH UNTO;..." (1 Timothy 3:16) Why should you suppose the faithful are intended to become immortal in the Resurrection? Religious leaders in America are seriously mistaken when they insist the body of Christ will be immortalized in the Resurrection. During the Tribulation, death is removed for five months during the demonic plague of th fifth Trumpet judgment, but the world population effected by the judgment is mortal. There you have an example of how you can live in the thousand year reign of Christ without dying, and without entering into a permanent state of immortality. The temporary state of INCORRUPTION AND IMMORTALITY you will enter in to, will take place in the taking of holy communion when you are finally set apart unto God and Christ. When you put on the Spirit of Christ in the annointing, you will have put on his immortal nature temporarily. There is the meaning of the text so few understand.

      "THE EARTH WILL BE FULL OF THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE LORD" (Isaiah 11:9) in the Millenium Age. The resurrected will come into a better understanding of who we are and why we were created. And mankind will focus on the things of the Spirit rather than the love of this world.

      If you were righteous in this lifetime, you will reap what you have sown; and if you have been carnally minded; you too will reap what you have sown. There is a race set before you even now. The righteous are a category. The righteous are Saints. It is written: "THEN SHALL THE RIGHTEOUS SHINE FORTH AS THE SUN IN THE KINGDOM OF THE FATHER." (Saint Matthew 13:43)

      God's people presume to know the Lord of glory, but they know of him. Christ is known as Saviour, but Christ is not really known neither are the ways of God known. In the Millenium Age the Lord will teach his ways. (Micah 4:2) His people will become occupied in learning how to walk in the Spirit perfectly. Isaiah 65:24 The Lord will answer before they call.

      "AND THEY SHALL TEACH NO MORE EVERY MAN HIS NEIGHBOR, AND EVERY MAN HIS BROTHER, SAYING, KNOW THE LORD: FOR THEY SHALL ALL KNOW ME, FROM THE LEAST OF THEM UNTO THE GREATEST OF THEM, SAITH THE LORD; ..." (Jeremiah 31:34) This prophecy like many of the Millenium prophecies was written to Israel, but there is evidence in the generality of prophecies that the Gentile nations will be caught up in seeking the Lord in a new Light.

      "Many shall come from the east and west, and shall sit down with Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, in the Kingdom of heaven." (Saint Matthew 8:11)