Every anorexia addiction is different:

       Every addiction is different. We know there are many anorexia addicts driven by a fashion consciousness or a desire to make big money as a model. It would seem wise for the fashion industry to accept responsibility for models starving themselves to death by sending them home with orders to put on some weight if they expect more work instead of acting like nothing is seriously wrong.

       We know some become so used to not eating they have no appetite while others are paranoid of bugs in food and simply cannot take the chance of eating what seems like death to them.

       Then there are some who are committing suicide by starving themselves to death. Others may be demon possessed or demon oppressed. And in all of these cases, the individual ultimately must discover the driving force of their motives and defeat them or starvation will eventually weaken their immune system so much the slightest infection could be deadly.

       Most of those addicted to starving themselves to death seem to suffer from a desire to live by doing so. It is up to you and your loved ones to find your innermost motives and deal with them. And that is where the hiding of the Word of God in our hearts comes in as the Lamp unto our feet. The Word of God helps us discover the thoughts and intents of our heart. (Hebrews 4:12)

       Statistics point to anorexia as a female problem by women obsessed with their appearance. People with just a little fat seem to have a better chance of surviving major illnesses than those with no reserve. Its like money in the bank.

       The problem with finding a cure for anorexia is in the diagnosis. Even Christians use the psychological term "disorder" in discussing people who are starving themselves to death. Doctors will listen sympathetically for a price, but they have no cure. Psychologists will invite you back time and time again to sit on their sofa for a fee, but they have no cure. They will talk to you about your "disease" or your "disorder" but those are excuses the professional world has designed to avoid confronting sin as the cause of our problems.

       Anytime someone is killing themself, there are out of control motives generated by wrong thinking. Anorexia is a sin problem. Its a spiritual problem. It's like any other sin. It seems harmless from its beginnings, but it can get seriously out of control.

       The cause of anorexia one hundred percent of the time is sin. Find the sin and defeat it before it destroys you!

       The disease this model has is wrong thinking. But you are going to have a hard time convincing her she has a problem. By starving herself thin she appears to have the sexy curves the lusty public craves, but she has become a skeleton and is holding her elbows so the camera will not reveal her lack of a bosom. What bosom she did have melted off of her chest so she has to face the mental anquish of not taking her clothes off for a man lest he find out the truth about her body.

       But underneath all of the clothing lies the real truth. This model has become a bag of bones.

       The photographic appeal the Angelina Jolie's have to offer the camera is their bony face. What they are hiding under their clothing is not attractive at all.

       They will talk about their "thinspiration" and will even give advice to the next generation foolish enough to listen to their vain talk about dieting for good looks. Don't be deceived. Eat normal. Think normal. Live normal. When anorexia gets out of control, this is what you can expect:

       Anorexia starts out like any sinful idea with the individual thinking they are in control, but in the end sin left to its own whims can take over. "THE WAGES OF SIN ARE DEATH," no matter what is the sin of your choice. There is no such thing as a harmless sin.