In this study it is esablished by Scripture that the knowledge of God and death of self are necessary to enter into and abide in the sinless state of the anointing.

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IS THE MYSTERY OF GODLINESS."   (1 Timothy 3:16)

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"AWAKE TO RIGHTEOUSNESSAND SIN NOT; FOR SOME HAVE NOT THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOD: I SPEAK THIS TO YOUR SHAME." (l Corinthians l5:34) To awaken to righteousness, the believer must have THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOD. It is a peculiar phrase in holy Scripture embodying the knowledge necessary to walk in the anointing. (Proverbs 2:l/22) Saint Paul spoke this to the shame of the Corinthian Church. Some of them lacked THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOD to enable them to awaken to righteousness in the anointing. Once awakened to righteousness in the anointing, the believer is admonished to not retreat into themselves to sin. To remain in the anointing, the believer must be dead to self and obedient in the Spirit. He must take up the cross of the living sacrifice walking in faith and not by sight. He must understand and do with the utmost diligence and focus the techniques necessary to walk in the Spirit. It didn't matter whether Jesus came eating and drinking to enter into the Spirit or John came doing neither, they both had THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOD necessary to walk in the Spirit, and they both abided in those techniques so the Spirit abided in them and did the works.
"HE THAT IS DEAD IS FREED FROM SIN." (Romans 6:7) The word "dead" is a roadsign in the pilgrimage of the devout. Once the individual has died to self, they obtain a new classification where they are counted "dead" to the world. Saint Paul writes in the same context: "How shall we that are dead to sin, live any longer therein?" The Church is not dead to sin, but the apostles were dead to sin and alive in the Spirit of Christ.
"BLESSED ARE THE UNDEFILED IN THE WAY, WHO WALK IN THE LAW OF THE LORD. BLESSED ARE THEY THAT KEEP HIS TESTIMONIES AND THAT SEEK HIM WITH THE WHOLE HEART. THEY ALSO DO NO INIQUITY: THEY WALK IN HIS WAYS." (Psalm ll9:l/3) (Psalm ll9:l/3) God "made known his ways unto Moses, his acts unto the children of Israel." (Psalms lO3:7) Holy men know God's ways, but the self will of the children of God to this day quenches their ability to learn the hidden things of the Spirit. Quite the contrary to popular opinion, the Church does not equip the saints. It is the saints who are able to equip the Church. Once the devout individual masters the anointing as a living sacrifice, he may be qualified to teach others the way "hid with Christ in God." (Colossians 3:3b) The phrase "they do no iniquity" is absolute. No man can remain in the anointing doing iniquity. The anointing is a sinless state for as long as the individual remains obediently in it, but once exhaustion takes over; the individual returns to himself. "I AM THE DOOR: BY ME IF ANY MAN ENTER IN, HE SHALL BE SAVED, AND SHALL GO IN AND OUT, AND FIND PASTURE." (St. John lO:9) Holy men die (to self) daily to enter into the Spirit. (Ref. l Corinthians l5:31)

"WHOSOEVER ABIDES IN HIM SINS NOT:" (l John 3:6) The word "abide" in l John 3:6 is peculiar to the anointing. A saint stays in the anointing of Christ where he sins not. The condition to not sinning is to abide in the divine Presence of Christ. The word "abide," "dwell" or "remain" ("meno" in the Greek) sometimes refers to staying in the anointing. Many say they are the Lord's anointed, but few have attained to it. The real test is clear. "He that says he abides in him ought himself also so to walk, even as he walked." (l John 2:6) A man cannot abide in the anointing without walking like Jesus walked in his lifestyle set apart unto God. For those who are employed, it is important to come aside as though you are a set apart man for a time so you too can enter into the Spirit. Arrange with your family and friends to avoid distracting you during your set apart time.
"FORASMUCH THEN AS CHRIST HAS SUFFERED FOR US IN THE FLESH, ARM YOURSELVES LIKEWISE WITH THE SAME MIND: FOR HE THAT HAS SUFFERED IN THE FLESH HAS CEASED FROM SIN." (l Peter 4:l) The path to a sinless anointing is paved with obedient suffering for the living sacrifice. Arm yourself with the mind of Christ to do it. A man cannot walk in the fullness of the anointing with a religious mind, since religion by its nature quenches the Spirit. Neither can a believer walk in the fullness of the anointing until he is filled with the Word of God. For the Word is Spirit. (St. John 6:63)
"AS MANY AS WALK IN THE SPIRIT SHALL NOT FULFILL THE LUST OF THE FLESH." (Galatians 5:l6) To walk in the Spirit is the anointing. The individual walking in the Spirit of the anointing will not fulfill the lust of the flesh. The divine Spirit of the Lord is irresistably good in the anointing so the glory of this world exceedingly fades away while the individual remains in him. To walk in the Spirit requires such complete focus of body, mind soul and spirit, that any lack of discipline; any lack of focus; any distraction can quench the Spirit and bring the living sacrifice back to himself. He who was in the heavenly Spirit then finds himself in his earthly spirit lamenting his error. Once an individual graduates to the anointing of Jesus Christ, he no longer desires to live in his mortal flesh as other men live.