In this series of the laws of the Spirit which are principles you must adhere to to walk in the Anointing of Christ, and we will address knowledge you ought to understand to walk in the anointing of Christ.

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IS THE MYSTERY OF GODLINESS."   (1 Timothy 3:16)

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"THEN WENT SAMSON DOWN, AND HIS FATHER AND HIS MOTHER, TO TIMNATH, AND CAME TO THE VINEYARDS OF TIMNATH: AND, BEHOLD, A YOUNG LION ROARED AGAINST HIM. AND THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD CAME MIGHTILY UPON HIM, AND HE TORE HIM AS HE WOULD HAVE TORN A KID, AND HE HAD NOTHING IN HIS HAND:" (Judges l4:5/6) Samson was in the twofold anointing, filled with the Spirit within; and with the Spirit of the Lord mightily upon him; he was able to tear the young lion into pieces.
"AND I WILL COME DOWN AND TALK WITH YOU THERE; AND I WILL TAKE OF THE SPIRIT WHICH IS UPON YOU, AND WILL PUT UPON THEM; AND THEY SHALL BEAR THE BURDEN OF THE PEOPLE WITH YOU, THAT YOU BEAR IT NOT YOURSELF ALONE." (Numbers ll:l7) Moses was not only filled with the Spirit of the Lord within but there was so much in the way of Spirit upon Moses, that God was able to take of that Spirit to put upon the seventy men who became the Sanhedrin, so each of them were anointed for the work of judging the nation Israel. Since the Spirit is a person, it is best to visualize Moses anointed with more than seventy Spirits of angels to get the job done of ruling Israel. Seventy of these Spirits were then distributed to the seventy judges, but Moses retained plenty of external anointing Spirit.
"BEHOLD MY SERVANT, WHOM I UPHOLD; MY ELECT, IN WHOM MY SOUL DELIGHTS; I HAVE PUT MY SPIRIT UPON HIM: HE SHALL BRING FORTH JUDGEMENT TO THE GENTILES." (Isaiah 42:l) The Prophet Isaiah is forecasting the coming of Christ, the Messiah Israel rejects at first; but later accepts at the second coming. In him God's soul delights. Jesus is filled with the Spirit within and God put his Spirit upon him, so Christ walked in the two fold anointing. "AND JESUS, WHEN HE WAS BAPTIZED, WENT UP STRAIGHTWAY OUT OF THE WATER: AND, LO, THE HEAVENS WERE OPENED UNTO HIM, AND HE SAW THE SPIRIT OF GOD DESCENDING LIKE A DOVE, AND LIGHTING UPON HIM:" (St. Matthew 3:16) It was the Spirit who descended upon Christ who provided the two fold anointing. There is more to Jesus than the eye could see. "IN HIM WAS THE FULLNESS OF THE GODHEAD BODILY." (Colossians 2:9) It is Jesus we ought to imitate in all things, and it is his two fold anointing those set apart unto him ought to seek.