In this series THE WHOLE ARMOUR OF GOD is presented as one because it is one when the living sacrifice has Master each of the parts presented here from the Scriptures. THE WHOLE ARMOUR OF GOD is a mindset of knowing how to use each part of THE WHOLE ARMOUR OF GOD as THE ANOINTING THAT ABIDES WITHIN TEACHES ALL THINGS to the individual servant of God who has sought to enter into the Spirit and is walking in the Spirit; and as this ABIDING in the Spirit takes place...then comes the need for THE WHOLE ARMOUR OF GOD because as Saint Paul said, he was given A MESSENGER OF SATAN TO BUFFET HIM lest he become puffed up with pride; so it is that no one who attains to the fullness of the Spirit today can expect to destroy the works of the Devil without a counterattack; and to be sure, the hordes of unclean spirits in this world will not wait for any person in the anointing to attack; but they will immediately buffet such an individual because they are perceived to be in the anointing. Now study THE WHOLE ARMOUR OF GOD as it is written, and know this; that the holy Spirit will teach those in the anointing the use of this armour you are studying.

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IS THE MYSTERY OF GODLINESS."   (1 Timothy 3:16)

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" Put on the whole armor of God that you may be able to stand against the tricks of the devil." There is a putting on of the armour in the putting on of the anointing. If you are not tensed for the fight, and focused on spiritual warfare, the anointing which is Christ in you will fade away without your discerning it; and you'll have no anointing Spirit to fight the good Fight of the faith with in the spiritual realm. So you must be focused and you must PRESS ON TO THE MARK OF THE HIGH CALLING tensing yourself as you are "QUICKENED IN YOUR MORTAL BODY BY THE SPIRIT THAT DWELLS WITHIN." And you must preach, praise and pray continually to maintain the continuity out of your belly where there should flow "A RIVER OF LIVING WATERS" somewhere in your anointing if you are faithful to "THE LAWS OF THE SPIRIT." "BE STRONG IN THE LORD AND IN THE POWER OF HIS MIGHT," ...increased strength guidance and Light are several of the reasons a disciple "HUNGERS AND THIRSTS AFTER RIGHTEOUSNESS TO BE FILLED" with the Spirit of the anointing.
Let's examine the use of a BUCKLER as a shield. "HE IS OUR SHIELD AND BUCKLER." Right away we know the BUCKLER is made of the Spirit of the Lord. The anointing becomes our shield if we are aware it can be used defensely. Let's say you sense the Adversary is about to throw his wicked darts (perhaps accusations from the accuser of the brethren) at you while you are in the anointing. You brace yourself in the anointing against the supposed attack and to your surprise you might see the darts bouncing off of the invisible armour surrounding your being. This is an example of possibilities once it is realized the Spirit of the anointing can be used as defensive armour.
The "HELMET OF SALVATION." More of the defensive armour but the "HELMET OF SALVATION" is guarding your mind, against what? Why the regular unannounced attacks and distractions of the Adversaries in the realm of the spirit. You'll remember when the Devil disputed over the body of Moses, Michael the Archangel said, "The LORD rebuke you Satan." "RESIST THE DEVIL AND HE WILL FLEE FROM YOU," but do it right. Realize he will attack your sanity, your faith, your focus, your beliefs....anything you are thinking or can be tempted to think. Once again, "THE WHOLE ARMOUR OF GOD" is made of the Spirit of the Lord, and it is both individualistic and inseparably one with Him. So you will find it necessary at times to respond to the intrusions of the Enemy with all your heart, soul, mind and strength focused on countering the attack specifically. And if you see no need of addressing the Enemy then perhaps you ought to break into songs of praise and adoration for the Lord of glory

What is armour for? Its for fighting isn't it! And what does holy Scripture say? " For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickednessin the heavenly places,"... Your battle has just begun once you have laboured to get into the Spirit of the Lord, must labour to stay in His Spirit so you can have the Light and Strength to "DESTROY THE WORKS OF THE DEVIL," and in attempting to do so; you can be sure you will have to "WRESTLE AGAINST PRINCIPALITIES, AGAINST POWERS, AGAINST WORLD RULERS OF THIS PRESENT DARKNESS, AGAINST SPIRITUAL HOSTS OF WICKEDNESS IN HEAVENLY PLACES." And if you should become privy to "CONVERSATION IN HEAVEN", be wise before uttering anything before God and "THE ACCUSER OF THE BRETHREN" while "THE HEARING EAR" is manifest in your consciousness; for the Enemy like God does not slumber nor sleep, but you must do both. Holy Job heard the Devil speaking of Him in heaven and said nothing in the conversation he recorded;...but let the Lord speak in his behalf. Your greatest weapon in the anointing is the putting on of "THE MIND OF CHRIST TO SUFFER IN THE FLESH" even unto martyrdom. Never speak out of fear, it is "ONLY BY FAITH WE CAN PLEASE GOD." We conquer the flesh to walk in the Spirit so Christ can fight through us. Make sure the conflict belongs to Him!
But you are not just to "WRESTLED AGAINST" the Enemies in the spiritual realm, you are to defend against the Devil who is allowed to test your warfare skills regularly, and if there is something you are not ready for; his army of unclean spirits will probe your defenses to find it. SATAN WAS ALLOWED TO TEMPT JESUS IN THE WILDERNESS. You don't have to worry about the Devil himself coming out to meet you on the battlefield. But you can be sure underlings will labour against you once you have come into the anointing. SAINT PAUL THE APOSTLE WAS TESTED WITH A "MESSENGER OF SATAN. You don't have to worry about a messenger of Satan throwing words of wisdom from "THE PRINCE OF THE POWERS OF THE AIR" at your newly put on hearing ear. But you can be sure underlings from the demon world will labour against you once have come into the anointing. SATAN EXECUTES JUDGMENT. An adulterous believer in Corinth was "TURNED OVER TO SATAN FOR THE DESTRUCTION OF HIS BODY" that his soul might be saved. (1 Corinthians 5:5)
No man can give the anointing even if he lays hands on in a fervent BEAT DOWN HEAVENS DOOR prayer. Imaginations of the anointing cannot put THE WHOLE ARMOUR OF GOD on anyone. Holiness must be lived for the anointing to abide. You have to live totally to die to self and when you succeed, and are approved of God; in seeking Him according to "THE GREAT MYSTERY OF GODLINESS,"you will find Him, and there "THE ANOINTING ABIDING WITHIN WILL TEACH YOU ALL THINGS" but you must, You Must, YOU MUST, Y O U M U S T, "ABIDE IN HIM" and "IN HIM" Y O U M U S T consciously SEEK HIS PERFECT WILL and do it. You have The Great Commission but what is your strategy? To conquer the darkness of your human nature while labouring to walk in the Light. In overcoming your dark self, you hope the Lord will "DESTROY THE WORKS OF THE DEVIL" through you; but YOU MUST CONTINUE TO CONQUER YOURSELF as you travel THE HIGHWAY OF HOLINESS and in doing so, YOU MUST keep things in perspective. You are not even a speck on the world map. Win the first war as you go and avoid unnecessary wars. We are not at war with the world. THE PERFECT MAN OFFENDS NO-ONE. A TRUE SAINT OF GOD is at war with the darkness of his own flesh self to die to SELF WILL daily and in spiritual death, the Life of the Spirit comes forth in the devout when dawn is shining in their consciousness.
YOUR FEET HAVE TO BE SHOD WITH THE GOSPEL. You can't be employed by the world and go where Jesus wants you to go to do HIS PERFECT WILL if anyone in this world has their hands on the steering wheel, the reins of your will. It is as much of the whole Spirit of the anointing for you to have your FEET SHOD WITH THE GOSPEL OF PEACE as it is for you to have THE SWORD OF THE SPIRIT IN YOUR MOUTH or THE SHIELD OF FAITH, or THE BREASTPLATE, for without any one of them; You cannot have THE WHOLE ARMOUR OF GOD without THE WHOLE!!! You have to have all of it or you will fall short of THE GLORY OF GOD. We should follow in His steps,"(1 Peter 2:21) not our steps but His steps, and this is A GREAT MYSTERY.