In this series of the laws of the Spirit which are principles you must adhere to to walk in the Anointing of Christ, and we will address knowledge you ought to understand to walk in the anointing of Christ.

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IS THE MYSTERY OF GODLINESS."   (1 Timothy 3:16)

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"IN GOD HAVE I PUT MY TRUST: I WILL NOT BE AFRAID (OF) WHAT MAN CAN DO UNTO ME."(Psalm 56:ll) There is power to always triumph in Christ when he is literally present in the individual. (Ref. 2 Corinthians 2:l4) What the living sacrifice chooses to do or not do has an effect on how the Lord's power manifests. Fearfulness is a product of weak faith. Jesus said to his disciples who were growing quickly in the faith. "Why are you fearful, Oh you of little faith." (St. Matthew 8:26) Saint Peter fearlessly walked upon the storming waters to Christ until fear came to weaken his faith. Then he sunk from the supernatural down into the natural and probably would have drowned had not the Lord pulled him out of the water. Fearlessness is a product of perfect faith. It is a product of putting trust in the LORD.
YOU SHALL NOT BE AFRAID FOR THE TERROR BY NIGHT; NOR FOR THE ARROW (THE BULLET)THAT FLIES BY DAY;...." "BECAUSE YOU HAVE MADE THE LORD WHICH IS MY REFUGE, EVEN THE MOST HIGH, YOUR HABITATION." (Psalm 9l:5&9) Many many Christians read Psalm 9l without qualifying t as promises to Saints who have labored as living sacrifices to make the Lord their refuge, even the Most High, their habitation in the anointed and divine Presence of Christ. Christians tend to over estimate heir powers in the Gospel, not realizing that salvation is free; but power is purchased by extreme obedience to God through Christ. The faith of Saints is greatly encouraged by the literal Presence of Christ, so that depending on their focus; nearly any aspect of the divine nature could manifest. When confronted by danger, focus on fearlessness and on mightiness. Both of those characteristics are resident in the Spirit of Christ ccompanying the Saints. Avoid taking counsel of your fears. Do not let sudden fear panic you. (Proverbs 3:25) Remain attentive to the Spirit inwardly while keenly focused on the threat. Never take your eye off of an attacker. Avoid blinking or showing fear. Be instant in obedience to the Spirit if he speaks to you audibly. His command and his "quickening" are deliverance.
"HEREIN IS OUR LOVE MADE PERFECT, THAT WE MAY HAVE BOLDNESS IN THE DAY OF JUDGMENT: BECAUSE AS HE IS, SO ARE WE IN THIS WORLD. THERE IS NO FEAR IN LOVE; BUT PERFECT LOVE CASTS OUT FEAR:" (l John 4:l8) The apostles use the pronouns "we, us, and our" in reference to themselves. The Churches like to point to the "we, us, and our" in the holy epistles as though the particular apostle is speaking of the Church. Churchmen and Churchwomen erve two masters. Those in religion administrate buildings and programs and prepare services which things the apostles avoided entirely. The secular Christian goes back to work Monday through Friday. They cannot say in truth: "As he is, so are we in this world." In the anointing of Christ, his perfect love casts out fear for the living sacrifice and provides the opportunity to answer fearful situations fearlessly in perfect faith and love. There are many brave men in the world who are able to rush into dangerous situtions like war courageously, but fearlessness is given to Saints to risk their lives unarmed.

"THE RIGHTEOUS SHALL BE IN EVERLASTING REMEMBRANCE. HE SHALL NOT BE AFRAID OF EVIL TIDINGS: HIS HEART IS ESTABLISHED, HE SHALL NOT BE AFRAID, UNTIL HE SEES HIS DESIRE UPON HIS ENEMIES." (Psalm ll2:6 The only fear a righteous man of God has is a healthy fear of God. He knows no fear until he sees "HIS DESIRE UPON HIS ENEMIES." Knowing it was God who brought fire down from heaven upon the fifty officers King Ahab sent to arrest him, Elijah undoubtedly feared the LORD although there is nothing in the Scriptural report regarding it, we know from Psalm 112:6 he had no fear at all until he saw "HIS DESIRE UPON HIS ENEMIES." Had he fear the fifty we also know God would not have intervened supernaturally in his behalf. We see this in the book of Joshua chapter one where the LORD warned the Prophet Joshua to show no fear in the presence of his enemies or he would turn his back on him.