America was founded as ONE NATION UNDER GOD, but has been infiltrated by so many religions. "We have become ONE NATION UNDER MANY gODS.

      This is not a happy situation for a nation to find itself in. The God who made America great clearly requires there be no other gods before us.

      "THOU SHALT HAVE NO OTHER GODS BEFORE THEE" is one of the Ten Commandments.

      It is also written He is "A JEALOUS GOD." In other words, God Almighty does not take it lightly when He looks down from heaven and sees Americans worshiping other gods.

      America is not only making itself more and more offensive to God Almighty, it is growing into greater divisions with the increasing growth of other religions worshiping other gods in the land.

      Just as there is bloodshed in other lands where diversity of religions has grown strong, so America is inviting trouble into the great land it inhabits by allowing other gods to be worshiped. Just as their idea of freedom of religion has betrayed them in those foreign nations, so it will betray America.

      We started out as the nation setting the example to follow and have become instead the follower of their examples.

      America is a divided house. Since we have become a divided house, we found it difficult to win our wars or defend against terrorism. Let there be no doubt in your mind, a divided house will fall.

      The obvious cure is to re-unite America under the one God again who made our nation the superpower it is.

      There were three documents making up the foundation of the United States of America. Most people have heard of the first and third documents: The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

      The second document, the Paris Peace Treaty of September 3, 1783 formally established the United States as a nation. Without it, the next ruler of England could say the Constitution of the colonies was null and void and wage war again. The Paris Peace Treaty of 1783 removed the commands of King George and his law makers and secured a legal foundation laid by the Declaration of Independence, the subsequent winning of the war, and the ratification of the Constitution by the colonies.

      The Paris Peace Treaty obtained international recognition of America as a nation.

      It is a much neglected document in our nation's classrooms and courtrooms where the Light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ ought to shine brilliantly. When court cases challenged the Christian foundation of this great nation, Christian lawyers everywhere should have come into the battle to make it clear by law we are a Christian nation. The diplomats who negotiated the Treaty of Paris stamped it with the indelible imprint of faith in the God of the Bible.

      The preamble to the Treaty of Paris by which the nations of the world recognized America as a nation, states it is based upon the “Holy and undivided Trinity!”

      There can be no mistaking the intent of the founding fathers. It is just as important as anything written into our Constitution. It is more important than any decree issued by the President or the Congress or the Supreme Court. The "Holy and undivided Trinity" is an obvious reference to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit of the Bible. Calling the godhead the "unindivided Trinity" eliminates all other gods from worship in the laws of America.

      Errors in law have been made for decades because of ignorance regarding the use of the "Holy and undivided Trinity" in the establishment of this great nation. Now it is time for believing lawyers to research this issue and make it a case in the court rooms of the land.

      Removing prayers to "the Holy and undivided Trinity" is illegal. Removing references to the Bible in the class rooms of the nation is illegal. Teaching Evolution is illegal. The use of the name Galaxy Evolution mission by NASA is illegal. There are plenty of court cases to file.

      Even the use of the word "most Holy" should have weight in the courts of the land. Our founding fathers were aware other religions called their gods holy. Our founding fathers called our God "most Holy."

      The concept of the most holy Trinity is unique to Christianity. It means the United States was founded on the Christian faith, not on any other faith. It meant our founding fathers had no intention of inviting Muslims or Hindu's or the adherents of any other religion into the country.

      The use of "the most holy Trinity" in the foundation treaty secured religious freedom from the beginning in America for all of the various sects adhering in truth to the holy Bible. It also removed by "omission" the establishment of a State Church. Our founding fathers were well aware of how obnoxious and troublesome a government controlled Church could be in the nations they emigrated from.

      They wanted religious freedom for believers in "the most holy undivided Trinity" of the Bible to worship and live according as to how they believed they ought to within the laws of the land.

      The authors of the peace treaty worked to get their imprint on the document and they succeeded. They wanted one God with sects competing one with another to provide optional church meetings throughout the land with all worshiping the same God of the Bible in their own way. Their knew they were laying the foundation of a great Nation in the making. The potential was so great only a fool could miss seeing it.

      Many Colonists fled the oppressions of Great Britain's one Church State to the religious freedom wide open spaces offered in a vast newly discovered Continent stretching three thousands miles from Sea to Sea.

      They had fought and won religious freedom and the signers of the Treat of Paris were very much concerned to keep it, not only for themselves; but for their constituencies in the newly founded United States of America.

      By their agreeing to the use of the words "undivided Trinity" with a capital "T" the signers obviously intended for no other God to get into the national arena and confuse things as we see them now in the United States. There could not be the god of the Muslims or the Hindu's or any other foreign god able to attach themselves legally to the United States of America from that day forth, ....because


      The Treaty ends just like the Constitution with a statement it is being signed in the “Year of our Lord.” The witnesses representing the United States were John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, John Jay and D. Hartley. The section in part follows:

      “… In witness whereof we the undersigned, their ministers plenipotentiary, have in their name and in virtue of our full powers, signed with our hands the present definitive treaty and caused the seals of our arms to be affixed thereto. Done at Paris , this third day of September in the year of our Lord, one thousand seven hundred and eighty-three”

      It is written, "IF THE FOUNDATIONS ARE DESTROYED, WHAT CAN THE RIGHTEOUS DO?" The foundations are not totally destroyed yet. There is a little time remaining for believing lawyers to undo the removal of Christianity from the government institutions of the United States by expertly arguing in America's courts for the lawful restoration of the foundations as they were before the Monkey trial and the forbidding of prayers in our nation's schools. Undo every precedence that followed those unlawful declarations and put America back on track as a Christian nation.

      Once those legal battles are won, the religions of other gods have to lose their presumed freedom of religion. These will be great battles in the courts and outside in the real world. The lives of those who attempt it may be lost, but not in vain.

      The most sure way to return America to its foundation is the preaching of Christ while it is yet day in the court rooms of this great land!